Collection of Bitch Bag Mixes

About Bitch Bags

General Information

Retailers and wineries across the country sell our delicious cocktail mixes.  Fun sassy names and packaging attract consumers to displays.  Many wineries sell our drinks made with their own wine in slush machines, getting a double sale.  They are perfect gifts for any reason.  Bitch Bags are refreshing any time of the year.  We offer small minimums and packaging options, including tags with wine freeze labels. 


Bitch Bags have been around for more than 15 years. The current owners-Lynn Hennings and Jeff & Carrie Thomas-purchased the business in 2015 from a company based in Georgia. Our recipes are basically the same as those you may have enjoyed selling before, with some tweaking here and there.  Our products are manufactured and shipped from Minnesota.


Go to our registration page and complete the form.  After you have been granted access you will be able to place on line orders.  You may also email an order to or telephone us at 651-283-7977.  Use either of these two methods or see our Contact Us page if you have questions.


Shipping rates vary by delivery zone and handler.  We use the most cost effective available to us. Shipping charges will be applied to orders after we calculate them for you, but generally run between $.75-$1.25 per bag.  There are always exceptions to every rule, though.  Typically orders are filled within a week.  Please allow for delivery time when placing your order.

An invoice for shipping will be sent after it is calculated and will not be part of your on-line order. You will be able to pay this invoice through the website. Invoices for product will be included in your shipment.